Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Internet Speed

let me start off by saying this will be my last blog for about a week or so since i will be out of town(maybe)

OK so Internet speeds come in all shapes and sizes sorta speak and your speed is proportional number one to how much your paying per month for it =P

alright alright your ISP also known as your Internet service provider is who you pay every month to have your Internet brought to you and they can charge you whatever they want for that service too. Now there are two important things to note when dealing with Internet speed and that is your "download" speed and your "upload speed" typically most people measure Internet speed in terms of download only and the fast download speed that is currently broadly available (not including T-lines) is about 24 megabytes per second. and the fastest upload speed is about 2 megabytes per second.

the difference in upload speed verse download speed is thus: download speed deals with how fast you can view an image on a website or how fast a website loads up when you go to it and things like that, how fast you can download a song, basically how fast another computer can give information to your computer. Upload speed is in a nut shell how fast your computer can send information to another computer. Now for most people download speed is the primary concern. However if you own a server like myself then you need to pay attention to upload speed because that's the one that will determine how fast some one can go to a website that's hosted off your computer or if you have a game server it determines how fast players can access data from your server.

if you are curious about how fast your Internet currently is then please feel free to visit http://www.speakeasy.net/speedtest
choose a location closest to you and then begin the test. the first test preformed will measure your download speed. and it is measured in kilobytes rather than megabytes. Just know that 1000 KB(kilobytes) = 1 Megabyte. The second test preformed measures your upload speed!


  1. did you know that the US has one of the slowest internet connections?

  2. My internet speed it is 2mb, that is the shit of connection that I have here in Mexico :S, anyway

    great post, I will follow you

  3. In Brazil the internet speed is one of the most expensive and worst in the world.

  4. i'm suspicious that my internet provider has "capped" my bandwidth. im gonna use that link and see what i can see. thanks.

  5. I feel that when we change to quantum memory, this will change. The perception of value to the corps will not. Same stuff, different day.

    Nice post, followed!

  6. My internet speed has been absolutely ridiculous since I went with shaw. The speed is just insane. Plus my computer is so upgraded for a lack of a better word that it loads everything instantly so it definitely isn't a bottle-neck in any respect. My internet was going SUPER slow and firefox kept freezing and crashing. This is because the people working on firefox haven't been working on its speed lately at all, only on other aspects. So I tried Chrome and it is faster than anything I have seen in my life. Literally when I type a website it comes up in less than 0.5 seconds 90% of the time. The problem is the Chrome interface is hard to get used to.

  7. Thanks for the information. :)