SEO Quick Tips And Techniques

This post will be edited from time to time with new SEO information so stay tuned!

TIP 1. Find your key words... The idea behind this is to find keywords which people search for alot in a month, but has very little competition websites. So what you do is go to your favorite search engine and type in the keywords you think you should have based off of the main content of your site or what it is you are trying to promote! Then when you hit the search button, up should come a number of how many sites were pulled up. For example searching for starcraft 2 pulls up any where from 22 million to 55 million websites. That is your competition. That is ALOT of competition however if people search ALOT for starcraft 2 in a month then its not so bad. For instance people search for starcraft in 1 month generally 1.7 million times. Making starcraft 2 an ok keyword to use. UPDATE: (Now how to find out how many people search for the keywords your thinking about go to this link HERE and type in your keywords and the captcha then once it searches, click on the global monthly list and see how many times your keywords are searched in a month.)

Tip 2: Choose about 3 keywords or phrases you want people to type in search engines to look for your website. Add them to your html code part of your website in the head so it looks something like this.

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important to note is that in the second meta tag your keywords must be separated by a comma. And also in the second meta tag the name="keywords" is the actual word "keywords" not your site keywords.

Search engines rarely care about meta tags any more when they look at your website to include it into their engine however it is still a necessary step

TIP 3.  Once you have your keyword(s) try to put them inside your websites URL! This is an important step which usually provides good results! If you have more than one key word then separate them with a hyphen - so for example. If you own a blogspot blog then click on settings then click the second tab at the top from the left and then you can change your URL.

TIP 4. Search engines like all of the keywords they are looking for at the top of your web page (or as much as possible). And it is very important to include your keywords in your title! To make sure your keywords are in your websites title, look at the code and find the <title> </title> tags which should be located inside the <head> tag of your website near the top and put your keywords in them if they are not already for example. <title>my keywords</title>. If you have a blogspot blog then click on design and then "edit html" and look for the title tags and when you are done don't forget to save!

TIP 5. It is a good practice to include your keywords through out your text content in your site. All you have to do is figure out some clever way to work in your key words or phrase as often as possible with out making it look like you are actually promoting those words. Search engines don't like it when you try to overly stuff your blog or website with keywords. And as such they don't like it when the color of your text is the same color as your background! Search engines have a way of seeing if it is or not. So don't do it...
Something you CAN do is when you have strategically placed your keywords ALL through out your websites text content, you can make those key words or phrase both in Bold and underlined Search engines like it when keywords and phrases stand out a bit with special font code like <b>keyword</b> for bold and <u>keyword</u> for underlined...Put them together and you get this <b><u>keyword</u></b> also another way of doing it would be <strong>keyword</strong> in place of "b" for bold. And as always the more keywords you can place closer to the top of your web page the better it will be!

TIP 6. Search engines check your hyperlinks for keywords as well as your alt text for images...Infact they are pretty particular about this they generally like no more and no less than 6! That's right 6. Go into your website and check to see if the first 6 alt text and hyperlink text as your keywords in them or not. This ones tricky because in order to maintain the balance you may have to from time to time remove some in certain places. Just make sure the top foremost alts and links have the keywords. also about alt text for images, search engines typically check the first 3. A hyperlink looks something like this <a href="">your keywords say click here for...</a> And then an alt text for images code looks like this... <img src="location of the picture" alt="your keywords here" /> Now that's the basic code for them. Chances are they may be a bit more advanced. If your images have no alt text then place the code inside alt="your-keywords" Search engines cant see or read pictures but they can read the alt attributes of your images which is why placing your keywords in the top 3 is important.

TIP 7. Search engines like google and yahoo only scan a certain amount of your site as measured in kilobytes! For example google will only read the information on your site up to around 100kb and yahoo will only read your site up to the first 500kb. So if your site is 110kb, Google will not read that last 10kb of your site is 501kb Yahoo will not read the last 1kb! So try to shrink your site down if possible... Also be sure to include your keywords with in the last 50 words of your site. As mentioned before about search engines reading the top of your page, they also pay attention to the last 50 or so words in your website. This includes link text as well.